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Five Benefits of Coccyx Butt Pillows for Back Pain


Living with back pain can make your life hell on earth. Most people, especially the old, are at a constant battle of finding a comfortable sitting position. Ideally, the pain these individuals experience at their lower backs make them squirm and switch from one side to another to get at least a temporary relief. The tailbone or coccyx is the triangular bony structure found at the bottom of the vertebral column. It is part of the larger sacrum structure, and it is made up of 3-5 segments, which are connected by ligaments and joints. The medical term for a tailbone or coccyx pain, which is the primary cause of back pain, is “coccydynia”. Injuries such as falling backward and hitting the floor or ground and physical stress can cause coccydynia.

What is a Coccyx Pillow?

The best solution to consider when faced with a constant back pain disorder is a coccyx pillow. These common and inexpensive pillows are made of heavy-duty foam-form or gel to provide the ultimate comfort and support for your lower back. Coccyx pillows are used to treat various back pain and spinal disorders. Ideally, most doctors often recommend that their patients, who have undergone back surgery, use these cushions to minimize pressure on the tailbone and spinal column.

Benefits of Coccyx Pillows for a Back Pain Disorder

Firm Base

These cushions have a firm base for positioning; hence, specifically designed to relieve back pain. They work by addressing the primary source of the problem, which include relieving lower back pain and symptoms of sitting discomfort. A coccyx cushion will get rid of pressure found at the base of the spine; thus, relieving pain and pressure from your hips and lower back. The firm base also provides a perfect positioning for the bones found in the lower pelvis, and this allows the tailbone to “float”. “Floating” of the tailbone is essential given that it stimulates the coccyx to produce a chain reaction of relaxation at the lower back muscles and the spine.

Pain Relief

Pain relief is perhaps the most obvious clinical benefit of a coccyx pillow. The pillow is known to provide pain relief for not only the lower back but also coccyx area. The coccyx area is a sensitive and delicate area, which can easily be injured if you sit in a particular place for a long time. The cushions have a gel or a heavy-duty foam-form and a wide and firm base that help it minimize pressure on the base of your spine.

Gentle Support

Coccyx cushions are carefully designed and have a high-quality foam to eliminate back pain by providing a gentle support to the lower spine. Given that human wants vary, the pillows have varying levels of firmness and thickness to fit every user. They also have gel inserts, which aside from conforming to the contours of your body; help provide a softer form of cushioning. Additionally, some coccyx pillows can have their gel inserts removed to be frozen or warmed for cold or hot therapy.

Cutout Design

Most coccyx cushions, apart from being U-shaped, come with a cutout area to help reduce pressure on the tailbone and spine. This cutout area makes these pillows different from others and increases its efficiency to eliminate back pain. However, most doctors recommend that you use the pillow on its own to avoid sitting unevenly.

Coccyx Pillows Improve Posture

It is easy to slouch in a lazy manner when you sit for a long time. A coccyx pillow slightly elevates your pelvis, thereby, avoiding this from occurring. The cushion also helps improve your posture by keeping your spine in a more erect position. A coccyx pillow can be anywhere between 7.6 cm to 17.8 cm (3 inches to 7 inches) thick. Although most people prefer the 3-inch coccyx pillow, doctors advise that you use a thicker pillow, especially when you are a heavier user.


Besides relieving back pain and eliminating spinal disorders, coccyx pillows help relieve inflammatory pain, pressure on the pelvic areas during pregnancy and other chronic conditions. They also reduce pressure on the prostate and anal regions; thus, often used to treat swollen prostate and hemorrhoids



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