Back Pain Relief for Pregnant Women

The journey during pregnancy is an exciting one and full of challenges. Most pregnant women complain of back pain. The best solution is investing in the coccyx pillow that is the new trending fashion in town. The coccyx pillow is durable and is made out of very high density foam. This is meant to give you a firm back support to prevent back and coccyx pain.


Why A Coccyx Pillow Helps with Back Pain for a Pregnant Woman

Advantages of using a coccyx pillow:

The coccyx has a firm base.

The firm base of the coccyx pillow is quite useful in helping you get the right posture during your pregnancy. The coccyx is particularly designed to align your lower back bones and spine to give you a great sitting posture. This helps you to relieve any pain that you might have in the lower back.

Easily portable.

The coccyx pillow is very light in weight. You can easily carry it to a music concert or any other event where you might be required to sit for more than 2 hours. The reason why the coccyx pillow is the new fashion trend is because they are lightweight and portable.

Helps to relieve pain.

One of the most profound benefits of using a coccyx pillow during pregnancy, is the fact that it’s a pain reliever. It is the best when it comes to relieving lower back pain and any discomfort along the coccyx area. The coccyx area is vulnerable to injury and pain if you stay seated for a long period of time. The wide base and high density foam of a coccyx pillow is the one that helps the pressure to reduce at the back of your spine hence good pain reliever.

Offers gentle support.

The pillow is tailor-made with different amounts of gel inside to vary the density of the foam. You need to shop for a coccyx pillow that matches your needs. The coccyx pillow gives your lower back a soft cushioning effect hence prevents you from back pain.

Coccyx pillow design.

The coccyx pillow is u-shaped and has an area that is cut out to help in it function of reducing back pain during pregnancy. The coccyx is the hip new fashion trend due to this unique feature that most pillows do not have.

Helps to improve your posture.

Back pains can be stressful and are caused by incorrect body posture. However, a coccyx pillow is the best because it helps your spine to stay straight. It allows your pelvis to be raised a little bit due to their thickness. Pick a coccyx pillow that is heavier and thicker if you are a heavier user.

In summary, a good coccyx pillow is highly recommended by doctors because of their effectiveness in reducing back pain during pregnancy. They can help to get rid of any inflammatory pain that you might experience during your pregnancy term. You can couple this with chic flip flops that are colorful to make you more comfortable and improve your posture as well.

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