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Benefits of a Tailbone Pillow for your Back


A single physical event or injury is not the cause of most lower back pains, as noted by research. On the contrary, back pains often crop up as a result of stresses that build up over time, and these include stresses one experience from everyday activities. Ideally, studies indicate that most individuals suffer from certain complications due to routinely adopting poor sitting posture or just from the normal wear and tear. For instance, it is medically believed that sitting in a poorly supported seat while at work can cause stresses and imbalances throughout your body. Given that pain varies depending on an individual, there is no one-fit remedy for everyone. However, there are a few things you can consider adopting regardless of the type of back pain you are undergoing.

Origin of Back Pain

One of these things is the tailbone pillow, also referred to as the coccyx cushion. This U-shaped pillow is specifically designed to relieve pressure when you sit for a longer period. Besides, it provides the ultimate support and comfort you need for your back and coccyx. Scientists point out that humans were not destined for sitting, and the evolution of our bodies over millions of years ago turned us into the hunter and gatherers we are today. Our DNA is still rooted in our hunter-gatherer history despite adopting a sedentary lifestyle thousands of years ago. Because of this, we are constantly at risk of experiencing acute back and coccyx pains, especially when we sit for long.

Benefits of a Tailbone Pillow for the Back

This also explains the need for designing the tailbone pillow to provide solutions for all these complications. Tailbone pillows have numerous benefits for your back. Some of these benefits include pain relief, improved posture, portability, gentle support and different shapes & sizes.

1. Pain Relief

Pain relief is the most popular clinical benefit of a tailbone pillow or also known as a butt pillow. These pillows provide pain relief for the areas around the back as well as the coccyx. The back can be very delicate and sensitive when you sit for longer periods. These cushions provide pain relief on the back by reducing the pressure accumulating at the base of the spine.

2. Improved Posture

It is easier to slouch in a lazy manner when you sit for a long period, and this can cause back pains and complications on the tailbone. However, with a tailbone pillow, this can be prevented from happening. The pillow solves this by slightly elevating your pelvis as well as keeping your spine in a more upright posture; thus, relieving the back pain.

3. Portability

Another benefit of this pillow is portability. Do not always assume that this pillow can only help you while at home. Aside from carrying them anywhere you go, you can use them in the car, at work or any other location where sitting for longer periods is required. This ensures constant comfort and support to your back.

4. Gentle Support

Tailbone pillow is technically and carefully designed to provide a gentle support and comfort to the back. It is made of high-quality support to meet these requirements. Apart from fixing your tailbone in a more comfortable position, the pillow also helps push your pelvis slightly upwards and forward gently.

5. A Wide Range of Shapes & Sizes

The manufacturer of this pillow comprehends that people have different tastes and preferences, thereby have made these pillows in different shapes and sizes to suit everyone’s needs. Each shape & size helps relieve different pressure on the back. Therefore, it is commendable to try the various shapes and sizes to determine the one that suits your needs best.


Use of Tailbone pillows for support and comfort is highly significant given that it can make a huge difference as far as the alleviation of back pain is concerned. Moreover, research suggests that an individual is likely to have a good sleep if he/she does not have back complications. T

Tailbone Pillows are also referred to as Butt Pillows.

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