Why the Butt Pillow Works for Back Pain

Many people, although plagued with chronic back pain, are worried that pain killers can be unsafe and have multiple side effects such as leading to addiction, among others. They are also worried about accidental overdose and side effects including negative impact on their sex life. Fortunately, there is a simple and natural help for back pain when sitting.

According to Dr. Oz, millions of individuals are plagued with chronic pain. He goes further to compare the regular feeling of these individuals’ bodies to that of a body under attack, to bring out the pain these people experience, particularly on their backs and necks. “Well today I am ending the war that has been between you and the pain,” says the doctor as he introduces the three latest innovative pain cures, which, apart from being natural painkillers, are non-addictive.

One of these three latest innovative painkillers is the butt pillow. According to Dr. Oz, this latest natural painkiller is for everyone complaining about pain in their lower backs. When Dr. Oz asked an expert in the field for a lower back pain solution, he recommended the butt pillow as one of the best ways of easing your lower back pain. Butt pillow is a special type of pillow that is horseshoe-shaped and primarily designed to improve sleep and promote repair by relieving back pain. You can either sit or lay on the pillow, and this requires that your butt pillow to be on your stomach. It is commendable to use the pillow with no clothing to prevent taking away the warm softness of the pillow.

Benefits of Butt Pillow for Back Pain

Dr. Oz recommends a simple solution, which he refers to as a “Butt Pillow”, as one major way and the safest method of treating as well as avoiding a recurrence of the lower back pain. Lower back pain afflicts nearly everyone at a certain point. Dr. Oz asserts that among the common causes of lower back pain is sitting for several hours at your desk behind your keyboard. Ideally, he explains how the butt area is rich in pudendal nerves (nerves coming out of the pelvic area) that actually start throbbing and crying out for help when you sit on them, particularly for long hours. Consequently, the nerves are capable of causing too much pain to you upon sitting on your tail side.

Butt pillow readily offers the remedy for this problem. This horseshoe-shaped padding is designed in such a way that it has an open area in the center where the pudendal nerves lay; thus, enabling them to escape the direct pressure caused by long hours of sitting. The horseshoe-shaped padding also has arms where the rest of the butt rests, and this improves comfort. Additionally, the removal of the pressure on the nerves not only reduces but also eases the discomfort one experiences in the lower back.

Apart from reducing pressure on the tailbone, hipbones and coccyx, butt pillows have other benefits for the back. These include relieving and treating numbness as well as pressure sores. Its design also promotes posture, healthy weight distribution and the alignment of the spine; hence, alleviating lower back pain. Moreover, the design of this pillow allows it to be used in car seats, planes or wheelchair.


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