Why is a coccyx pillow useful for back pain

Why a coccyx pillow helps with back pain

A coccyx pillow is essentially used by people who have an inflamed coccyx, commonly also known as the tail bone. It can also be used by people with general back pain and also by people suffering from ailments like pilonidal cysts. Here are some reasons why a coccyx pillow would be helpful for people with back pain.

The coccyx pillow essentially provides extra support to the lower back. In doing this, it lessens the pressure on the entire back. People who routinely suffer from back pain, for example bikers and cab drivers, could use this at home to provide extra rest to the back.

The coccyx pillow helps in pushing the pelvis a little further. In doing this, it helps lessen the pain in the coccyx. It also provides extra comfort to the back by reducing the pressure on the tail bone. This gives the back more time to heal. For people with chronic back pain, a coccyx pillow should be used consistently for a faster recovery.

For people who suffer from back pain post surgeries, especially to their lower backs, doctors often suggest using the coccyx pillow for a comfortable and speedy recovery. The coccyx pillow also helps reduce the pain to the back during pregnancy. In fact the coccyx pillow is now prescribed by many doctors during pregnancy. During pregnancy a woman would spend most of her time sitting down. This normally takes a toll on the lower back as the body exerts all its pressure to that area when sitting down. The coccyx pillow helps in relieving this pressure by aiding in slightly pushing the pelvis forward which helps reduce back pain during pregnancy.

One of the leading causes of back pain is a bad posture. A bad posture can lead to the weight of the body being distributed unevenly on the back, which may lead to back pain. The coccyx pillow ensures that the person has a good posture while sitting down. Since this pillow is used almost every time the person sits down, good posture becomes a habit. The coccyx pillow thus ensures a good posture and tries to provide freedom from back pain.

People who drive a lot often suffer from back pain. This is especially true for people driving on uneven and rough country roads. The coccyx pillow can help in such circumstances. The coccyx pillow can be very useful in helping absorb the impacts of bumps and potholes on uneven roads. Since the impact is cushioned the back suffers minimal damage and is less susceptible to back pain.

People with desk jobs, who have to work for most of their time sitting down, are very susceptible to back pain. Since the modern ergonomic chairs are very adjustable, people often tend to adjust the chairs to their postures, rather than it being the other way around. This means that people with desk jobs could spend most of their time in a wrong posture which leads to back pain. Since the coccyx pillow is very useful in ensuring a good posture, it could be very useful in relieving pain for people with desk jobs. Care should be taken to use the coccyx pillow directly on the seat of the chair and not use it with other chair cushions. In case the chair comes with a pre-installed cushion, one could use a rigid support and then place the coccyx pillow over it for better results.

The coccyx pillow is a multi-faceted tool that can not only help with coccyx and tail bone pain but is one that can be used to relieve back pain in general. It should be used consistently for best results.


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