Butt Pillow for Back Coccyx Pain


Butt Pillow: To relieve pressure and reduce back pain and coccyx pain, Dr Oz  on his show recommended a butt pillow. Shaped as a horseshoe it removes some of the pressure on the nerve thereby reducing and easing the discomfort.

This is particularly important for people with back pain that sit for long periods of time.

If you sit and have back pain this is something worth investing in.

Get it for your back – your back will thank you


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Butt Pillows or Coccyx Cushions are great for relieving pressure on your back and butt. There are three very important considerations and this are important safety factors:
1. The cushion does not flatten nor compact
2. The cushion does not slip off the chair
3. You don’t slip off the top off the cushion.

1. Our butt cushion is engineered not to compact or flatten with two types of high quality foam.
2. We utilize anti-slip dimples on the base to hold the cushion in place.
3. We built the cushion with an anti-slip fabric on the top. (Other cushions that flatten exacerbate the slipping off the pillow problem)

This also makes this butt cushion much better for anyone that is heavier and/or bigger including pregnant women.

It is also good for those suffering from hemorrhoids .

And if you want to help prevent back pain and stiffness especially if you are sitting for long periods of time,  this cushion will really help.

Quality components and engineering really make this superior to other ones.


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It is also referred to as a tailbone pillow.

Learn more about the benefits
View Dr Oz’s segment on the butt pillow and why he recommends the butt pillow for back pain (scroll down)


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