Benefits of Back Coccyx Pillows in Eliminating Back Pain

The coccyx is an assembly of between three and five rudimentary vertebrae. Despite being the remains of what is now a vestigial tail, coccyx is an important attachment base for muscles, ligaments and tendons. It also is the human body’s weight bearing tripod when you sit. Because of modern day lifestyles, sitting for long periods is considered normal. This though, may cause injuries to the coccyx leading to coccydynia, a very painful condition. Using a coccyx pillow or butt pillow, however, not only helps improve your stature after long periods in a seat, it also keeps your coccyx safe from harm. The many benefits that you derive from using this back coccyx pillow include:

– Pain relief

– Improved posture

– Gentle support

– Special cut-out feature

– Portable

– Diverse sizes and shapes

Pain relief – Sitting for a long period can lead to buildup of strain in your lower back. Overweight people have it twice as hard. Their bodyweight plays a great role in the building strain in their lower backs when they sit. Such strain can turn chronic and cause discomfort for an extended period. Coccyx pillows are designed to offer comfort and ultimate support for the lower back and most especially, the sensitive inward curve of the spine in the lumbar region. They thus relieve pain that may be felt in this region of the body because of sitting for many hours.

Improved posture – Sitting in the same posture for a long time can easily lead to slouching. Coccyx cushion can prevent this by elevating your pelvis. This gives you an upright posture that keeps the inward curve of your lumbar spine in just the right position

Gentle support – These pillows are designed with great care using the highest quality form material you can ever find. For this reason, they provide the lower spine with all the essential support this region needs. The most common material used is memory foam. This can adjust almost seamlessly to most body weights and works well in aligning the spine when you are seated. The cushions as such, put tailbones in the most comfortable positions. They do engage your back’s core muscles so you do not suffer fatigue even after sitting down for hours. In fact, many people who use coccyx cushions tend to have increased alertness and focus especially after prolonged use.

Special cut out feature – Part of this unique pillow’s design is its cut out area. This is made so, to specifically offer the required space to suspend the coccyx and prevent it from making direct contact with the seat. This plays a great role in eliminating pressure buildup in the vulnerable regions.

Portability – You may spend several hours sitting in other places aside from your home or office. You therefore need coccyx cushions that are portable and that you can carry with you from place to pace. These pillows are convenient and can be used in cars, bars, meeting halls and every place where you need to spend several hours sitting.

Diverse shapes and sizes – Because the exact trouble areas may be different from person to person, there are several kinds of coccyx pillows as well to cater for the various needs. The diversity of available cushions also serves to meet the different situation as appropriate. There are donut pillows, cut out cushions and U-shaped pillows. All these offer relief to strains resulting from different pressure points.

If you suffer from tailbone pain or sitting backache then a coccyx pillow is a ready solution. It not only rectifies the situation, it also re-introduces comfort back into your seat.


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