Coccyx Cushion for Pregnant Women With Tailbone Pain During Pregnancy

Lower Back, Coccyx and Tailbone Pain During Pregnancy

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A difference maker

Coccyx Cushion For Pregnant Women: Coccyx Pain, Tailbone Pain and Lower Back Pain is the source of much pain and discomfort. A coccyx cushion can really help alleviate the pain and help live life more normally. (Read the reviews from women below).
This Coccyx Cushion is engineered for maximum support with double the foam of competing cushions and a unique proprietary blend of memory and injection foam to accommodate pregnant women and larger body types.

It also has critical safety features like an anti-slip base, and anti-slip fabric. And it does not flatten.

It offers superior support and comfort. As many of our pregnant women customers say it is a game changer when it comes to tailbone pain during pregnancy.


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5stars5.0 out of 5 stars
I never leave home without it!
By Jenna Ewen on December 14, 2015
What a life saver! This thing is absolutely a game changer and has me able to lead a normal pain-free life again. I went from feeling crippled by coccyx pain related to my pregnancy to bring able to sit and stand without discomfort.

Along with seeking regular chiropractic care, this cushion has me up and able to be active and go out places again and have fun. I can go to the park with this and sit to watch my kid and not be afraid I’ll throw out my back when I get up. I love that this thing has a handle on the side to make it easy to carry along with me. That is my favorite feature since it does work such wonders for me that I want to take it everywhere. I received it at a discount in exchange for my honest review so when I am out and about and people ask about it I’m glad to share the brand in hopes that others can be helped by it too. The only thing I do not love about this product is that it is treated with flame retardants. We live in a very health conscious and eco minded area and I’m aware of their dangers. Other than that, I will gladly use this and continue to share its praises with others and use this several times daily! Get yourself one too, you won’t be sorry

5stars5.0 out of 5 stars
This thing is wonderful. Saves my tailbone lots of aching
By Alexander Miller on February 14, 2016
Bought this because I’m pregnant and my tailbone and back start to ache while working at my desk. This thing is wonderful. Saves my tailbone lots of aching. Love how thick and cushiony it is. Would highly recommend this product.

Recognize that our cushion has double the foam for maximum support: the key to back pain relief.

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