Lower Back Pain During Pregnancy

Has A Solution To Lower Back During Pregnancy Finally Been “Delivered”?

If you know a pregnant woman, you know a woman with lower back pain. That has always been the norm, but just because your mother and grandmother had to endure that constant, nagging lower back pain doesn’t mean you have to. Has a solution to pregnancy-related  lower back pain finally been “delivered”? Yes it has!

Why Are You Hurting?

Your lower back, including the coccyx bone, is under a lot of extra pressure when you’re pregnant, but it’s not just the added weight causing you problems, it’s a multitude of forces working within your changing body and why do  you have lower back pregnancy.

As your uterus grows, your center of gravity is thrown off somewhat and your abdominal muscles are stretched to their limits, causing them to weaken. This combination of events alters your posture, further increasing the level of back pain you experience.

To complicate matters even more, the hormonal changes you go through mean your joints and ligaments become looser, altering the way you move even more – thus putting additional pressure on your already burdened spine.

Add to all of that the fact that you’re likely feeling a lot of emotional stress and it’s easy to understand why so many women complain about their aching backs and tailbone pain during pregnancy.

Coccyx Pain Pregnancy

What’s Your Solution?

Talk to your doctor about the level of pain you’re enduring and ask if exercises would be suitable for your individual circumstances. While the thought of working out may not hold much appeal for you at this time, strengthening certain muscle groups may work wonders for you.

It’s also important to try and remember good posture (as difficult as that can be) to keep the pressure off your spine, particularly the coccyx bone.

A quick and affordable solution, however, is to find a good “pregnancy pillow” to sit on; such a pillow will bring you comfort every time you sit down, which is an amazing accomplishment during pregnancy!

Living Better Tools has created a  butt pillow with pregnant women experiencing unbearable back pain in mind and they’ve literally thought of everything:

Your Safety: The Living Better Tools pillow is equipped with a non-slip base, (meaning you’re not going to slide off the chair!), and a non-slip covering, to keep you positioned the way you want to sit at all times.

The Support Your Coccyx Bone Needs: The pillow contains double the foam of ordinary coccyx pillows, giving  your lower spine a break from the constant pressure.

The Changes Your Spine Is Undergoing: Living Better Tools has patented their special injection material, which actually prevents the pillow from becoming flat – offering you uncompromised spinal support.
The Fact That You Need Comfortable Rest: Because it won’t flatten, you don’t need to make an adjustment to your seating arrangement every 10 or so minutes, meaning you can finally enjoy getting off your (swollen!) feet for an adequate amount of time.

Your Budget: Expectant moms have a lot of purchases to make in anticipation of their baby’s arrival and that can really add up; the Coccyx Cushion is as affordable as it is amazing.

Will The Pain Subside After Your Baby Is Born?

Around 75% of pregnant women experience back and tailbone pain throughout the duration of their pregnancies, but it may not end there. Because you’re going to be constantly lifting your new baby and bending at all hours of the day and night, your back isn’t likely to be completely free from pain after childbirth.

Additionally, if you’re like most women, it’s going to take some time to lose the extra weight you put on while you were pregnant and that’s simply going to keep the pressure on your lower back.

As many as 50% of postpartum women still feel that nagging pain in their lower backs, sometimes for months after delivery.

Enjoy the comfort, support and healing of the Coccyx Pillow throughout your pregnancy, but keep it handy thereafter, too:

While Breastfeeding: If you intend to breastfeed your baby, the pillow will come in handy for those sessions, especially considering feedings happen, on average, between 7 and 12 times a day!

Reading To Your Baby: Did you know that your baby will bond with you faster, the more often they hear the sound of your voice? Reading also opens their minds, even when they’re only a month or so old.

Rocking Your Baby To Sleep: You may be soothing your baby back to sleep many nights and for countless afternoon naps, so take advantage of the pillow that soothes you at the same time.

Anytime You’re Seated: Sending thank you cards, catching up on work, starting a baby journal or whatever will be keeping you busy at a table or desk is also an excellent opportunity to nurture your back and body back to its normal state.

There will be soreness, stretching, weight gain, heartburn, constipation, nausea, stress, emotional outbursts, late night chocolate-covered brownie binges and more as an inevitable part of your being pregnant, but if you can prevent or resolve the pain in your lower back, you owe it to yourself to get a Coccyx Pillow!

Rejoice in the delight of your coming bundle of joy and rejoice in the solution to pregnancy-related back pain finally arriving.




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