How to use a Coccyx Pillow

Instructions for Using a Coccyx Cushion

This is how it is set up on your chair.

Lower Back Coccyx Cushion
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The coccyx is the very end of the spine, the area near the tail bone. This part of the spine sometimes gets inflamed and causes pain. The coccyx pillow or the coccyx cushion often prove to be helpful in these circumstances. Here are some tips on using the coccyx pillow effectively.
One should use the coccyx pillow consistently. The coccyx needs to have a proper cushioning at all times to help it heal faster. Using the pillow sparingly on only a few occasions will defeat this purpose and elongate the healing time. The pillow should be used all around the house. It would make sense to purchase a number of such pillows and have them affixed to almost all seats in the house. Using the pillow will then become a habit. Although the coccyx pillow should preferably be used during driving, care should be taken to select the right pillow for this purpose as all pillows may not exactly provide equal comfort, especially when driving on rough roads.

The coccyx pillow should preferably be used with a chair that has a good back support. The coccyx pillow helps push the pelvis a little further and thus provides comfort to the user. Having a chair with a good back support complements this function of the coccyx pillow and provides greater comfort.
Since using the coccyx pillow would increase the height of the chair by a few inches, it is possible that the thighs might be positioned a little higher than usual and the legs may even sometimes dangle without support. To offset this extra height, the coccyx pillow should ideally be used with a foot stool as a leg rest.
The height of the stool negates the height of the pillow and the user is able to sit with greater ease. In case the user is able to use it with a chair that has adjustable height, the foot stool can be avoided

Care should be taken to use the coccyx pillow by directly keeping it on the seat of the chair. One should not use it with other existing chair pillows. Adding other extra pillows will lead to imbalance while sitting. This could lead to the coccyx bearing a greater weight and thus could aggravate the injury. The coccyx pillow could sometimes be used on very soft sofas or chairs. In such cases it is helpful to keep a rigid weight as a support under the pillow.

Coccyx pillows often come with cut out areas at the side. These areas can be effectively used to add ice packs or hot packs to the pillow for extra support. The ice packs or hot packs should be wrapped inside towels and then inserted into the cut out areas of the pillow for greater support. Some coccyx pillows also come with a gel filling that can be warmed or frozen to serve the same purpose. Care should be taken to consult the doctor before using either a hot pack or a cold pack with the pillow.

One aspect of using the coccyx pillow that is often ignored is that of keeping the pillow clean. Since a person would spend his maximum sitting time on the pillow, it should be kept immaculately clean. This could help avoid ailments like pilonidal cysts that often are caused by skin pores blocked by dirt existing on the pillow.

Coccyx pillows come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Consulting a doctor would be beneficial as he would be able to identify the best suited pillow for the individual’s needs. Regular analysis of the benefits of the existing pillow should be done and the pillow should be upgraded if necessary.   back pain relief pillow

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